May 16, 2010

Ruched Piping

Add a fun addition to your next project with ruched piping.

You need piping cord and bias strips.  Piece together your bias strips to form one long strip.

It's easy to do.  Begin with a l-o-n-g bias strip.  You will need 2 to 3 times the length you would with regular flat piping.

Fold your bias strip in half enclosing the piping cord and stitch close to the cord - but not too close.  You want a little room to be able to scrunch up the fabric on the cord.

Stitch across one end of your piping strip through the cord.  This will hold the cord while you scrunch and prevent the cord from pulling out.  

Place your unscrunched piping back into the machine.  Use a "needle down" position so that when you stop stitching and raise your presser foot the needle will hold your piping in place.

Now begin the scrunching and sewing.  Raise the presser foot and scrunch your fabric along the cord to the desired fullness.  Lower the presser foot and stitch, using something like a shishkebab stick to control the fabric as you stitch.  Continue scrunching and stitching, raising and lowering the presser foot until you have enough piping. 

Try this technique using purchased piping. 

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