May 28, 2010

Linda's Savannah

Linda Steinhoff of Bermuda created this delightfully frilly Savannah.  We loved her choice of fabrics and the special details that she added made this Savannah uniquely "Linda".   
For extra cuteness, Linda added ruffles to the back of the bloomers.  She cut 1-1/4 inch strips of a coordinating fabric and finished them with a rolled hem.  She gathered them in the middle and stitched them to the back of the bloomers.  She left about 1/4" between the ruffles on her bloomers, which were a size one.
Linda's other adorable detail was the loopy flower she added to the front.  To create this flower Linda used bias tubes for the petals and a 5/8" covered button for the center.  When I see something this cute and hear how simple it is I can't wait to run to my workroom and try it myself!

Linda, thank you for inspiring us!


1 comment:

  1. Oh Linda! you did a beautiful job! LOVE the soft colors! How cute!!!