July 22, 2010

Linda's Ellis

Little Scotty dogs play all over the skirt of Linda's Ellis. 

How cute is the raised waistline accent?  She added a red ribbon bow and Scotty dog button.  The back buttons all the way from neckline to hem with Scotty dog buttons.  

This reminds me of our neighbor walking his 3 black Scottish Terriers in the evening.  His dogs are as cute as these!  They are all the same size - like 3 little buttons.

Linda changed the sleeve a bit by using the sleeve pattern as the sleeve lining as well.  (The Ellis pattern includes a separate pattern for the sleeve lining which finishes the sleeve without a "hem" for a nice, clean look.)  This way she was able to add piping to the lower edge of the sleeve.  Good idea, Linda!
i love how Linda used a print for the skirt and a solid for the top.  Her use of piping at the waistline area, neckline and sleeve edges gives her Ellis a very polished look.

Thank you, Linda, for showing us how piping and buttons add something really special!

Ellis is a girl's A-line dress pattern containing sizes 3-10 in one envelope.

July 15, 2010

Jerry's Ellis

Jerry Roberts has such fun sewing.  You can see it in everything she creates.

Her latest creation from our Ellis pattern is no exception. 

Her whimsical eye and attention to detail make her designs unique.

She created Ellis in an adorable daisy print poplin and accented the raised waistline with a white waffle pique band and daisy.  The daisy was crafted by using her embroidery machine for the center and she then took apart a silk daisy for the petals.  She pinned the flower to the band so that it could be easily removed. 

Jerry adds, "I can see lots of potential for cute little Sunday School dresses in the fall!!" 

Jerry, you've inspired us again.