February 22, 2011

Project Linus "Make a Blanket Day"

I was so happy to be able to be a part of the Project Linus "Make a Blanket Day" on Saturday.  I wish I had remembered to bring a camera because the organization and cooperation among those participating (approximately 50) was awesome!

Thanks to your generosity we were able to bring some completed blankets with us! 

Their goal was to complete 100 blankets during the 5-hour event.  The previous event (this chapter usually has 3 per year) they completed 160 blankets.

The participants were all busy at work in specific work groups. 

There were many quilt tops or whole cloth tops waiting.  The quilt tops are completed ahead of time and are brought to this event.  (This group meets once a week to complete tops, or work on other types of blankets - crocheted or knitted.)  Some quilt tops were complex, some were whole cloth panels, some were simple block patterns. 

These completed quilt tops were given to a group where batting and backing were cut and pinned to it. 

Quilts then travelled to the sewing area where many angels with machines were at work attaching labels, sewing 3-1/2 sides together and then turning the quilt like a pillowcase.  The quilt was then top-stitched near the outer edge to give an appearance of a binding and a more finished look.

The quilts were then sent to the pinning table where workers (surrounded by tubs of safety pins and straight quilt pins) were deciding whether a quilt would be machine quilted or tied.  Safety pins told "tie-ers" where to tie and straight pins guided the machine quilters.  

Most quilts were hand tied.  The tables of hand tie-ers looked like an old-fashioned quilting bee.  Quilts of all sizes and colors were surrounded by smiling people hard at work. 

Thanks to generous donations, the room was stacked high with completed quilts, bolts and bolts of fabric and batting and other notions. 

To add to the fun there was food and a door prize drawing every 30 minutes or more. 

While quilt tops are completed before the event there was some crocheting and knitting going on, as well.  What a fun way to spend an afternoon.   

What a wonderful use of fabric scraps and stash!  If you'd like to help there are many ways.  Project Linus can always use:

1.  Completed blankets (sewn, crocheted or knitted).  

2.  Quilt tops or whole cloth tops.

3.  Fabric donations.

4.  Sewing notion donations.

5.  Cash donations.  Send to Project Linus HQ.

Send quilts to us (we'll make sure they get to the right people) or to your local Project Linus chapter. 

The Karen Faylor Company
PO Box 112
9800 Harbour Place, Suite 204
Mukilteo, WA  98275