June 20, 2010

Voile Venice

You may not recognize this as our Venice pattern.  A very simple change was made to create this pink Swiss voile and white linen version of Venice.

We cut the Venice top off at the "lining" point on the pattern then added rectangles of fabric for the front and back skirt pieces.  For this size 4 we we cut the voile about 9" x 2 times the width of the front and back yokes.  The linen was cut slightly shorter.   

Stitch the side seams of the Venice yoke and the side seams of your skirt pieces.  We wanted to keep the voile overlay out of the way of the back button area so it was trimmed and narrowly hemmed at the back edge.   Finish skirt edges of the Venice top with narrow hems.  Gather the skirt and attach to bodice matching center front and side seams. 

Then just complete the top according to the instructions.  Ruched piping was used as an accent.  Love the uneven, bunchy look of it.

To construct the flowers cut 5 bias strips of voile 1" wide by 6" long and 5 bias strips of voile 3/4" wide by 6" long. 

Beginning with one 1" strip stitch, by hand, the short edges together to form a ring.  Stitch a running stitch along one long edge and pull up to form flower.  Stitch together in the center.  Repeat with 3/4" wide strip.  Lay smaller flower on top of larger flower and hand stitch together in center.  Attach 3 pink pearls to center of flower.  Repeat for the other 4 flowers.  Stitch to Venice top. 

In the next few days we'll post the white linen capris that will complete the look.

June 7, 2010

Sara's Savannah

Sara Norris of Adamsville, TN created this amazing Savannah.  Sara's style is part heirloom, part afternoon tea and all girl. 

You can really see the Savannah in this Savannah!  Sara even added an extra ruffle on the ruffle.

To create this added ruffle on the ruffle seam line and also on the bloomers, Sara cut 1" bias strips and gathered them down the center and attached to Savannah's ruffle and on the back of the bloomers.  Can you just see your toddler in this?

Sara used a Swiss pima cotton for most of Savannah but used a pre-tucked voile for the bodice.  On the bodice she also added a bit of tatting and a mother-of-pearl button.

Sara says, "I just have to say that you do a wonderful job on your patterns. the instructions were great, all very easy to follow and I was thrilled with the result!!!"

"I have two granddaughters, 15 months and 1 year, that I was thinking of when I came up with this. I thought this would be precious for beach photos."

Thank you, Sara, for your inspiration!