June 6, 2013

A Child of Spring

I know a little maiden,
She is very fair and sweet,
As she trips among the grasses
That kiss her dainty feet;
Her arms are full of flowers,
The snow-drops, pure and white,
Timid blue-eyed violets,
And daffodillies bright.

by Ellen Robena Field

The bonnet from our Toddler Coat and Bonnet pattern was used for the sun bonnet.  I reduced the brim by 1" at center front, tapering it toward the sides.  

The flowers were created with a 6" - 7" length of ribbon or lace.  Hand stitch long, gathering stitches along one long side.  Gently pull together and hand stitch in center to keep the flower shape.  

To make it easier, I created several flowers from lace and a variety of silk satin ribbons.  I then randomly placed the flowers on the bonnet in different arrangements.  I arranged and re-arranged until the design made my happy.  

The flowers were then pinned into position. Colorful French knots were worked to hold the flowers in place.  Beads (or buttons) made nice flower centers.  

Add simple leaves to complete the bonnet.

Add a few flowers on the bloomers...

Add more flowers on the skirt along a lacy hillside....  

Stitch on a few leaves using a stem stitch and french knots.  
I used Madeira silk floss for all the embroidery.  It is easy to work with and not too, too fine - so only 2 threads were used here.
The pink dimity fabric and French lace are from Bear Threads. 

The Karen Faylor Company Kensington pattern was used for the dress.  The bonnet from our Toddler Coat and Bonnet pattern was used for the bonnet and the bloomers are from our Savannah.  You can find our patterns on our website or at your favorite stores.  
You can find Madeira silk embroidery thread at The Pattern Outlet.